Fools of Fate

The beginning...

A quick summary of what has happened thus far.

The underwater ruins of Marnil were adandoned and the city was crumbling. The Bottle of Air in the center shrine to Rirdivol, God of the seas, was still functioning and the party searched for a way out. Aside from a collapsed tunnel leading presumable further into the city, the adventurers were stuck.

Luckily, one of the adventurers brought a horse along and was paying extra to have it housed in a large area of the cargo hold.
The animal served as food enough to feed the survivors through the 3 days it took to tunnel past the collapsed section of the city. Knocking it over, the party ventured forward; dismissing the runes of warning at their feet as ancient tile decorations.
Within an hour, they found a portal and led the grateful survivors through it and to where more food could (hopefully) be found.

The party at this point…
Faruuk, Dwarven Runepriest
Abryn, Tiefling Ardent
Shirouko, Human Rogue
Baraiah, Deva Hybrid (Druid/Wizard)
Ashes, Deva Paladin

(More Later)



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