We should have never even stepped onto that boat…


The ship was pulled into a large whirlpool and you stumble into the ruins of an underwater culture. There’s air enough to breathe in this strange bubbled city. The other passengers on the ship have few skills related to adventure, except for a notable few. A fortunate moment in an unfortunate situation.

Meanwhile, on an island in a dark room of a tower that exists in a far off corner of the Astral Sea, several shadowy figures sit at opposite sides of the table. The notches and strange designs mock the scenery of the underwater ruins. It can only be a game table!

They move the pieces across the board and the sequence of movements makes some of the faces frown yet one of the figures expresses a sly sort of glee.

“You got lucky this time.” One of the unhappy shadows seems to spit.


The smiling shadow whispers in a raspy tone…
“…Oh, I’m just getting started.”

Fools of Fate